Hazi Direct – Efficient & Productive ways to Remove Asbestos

Asbestos removal is a critical process that demands utmost care, compliance, and efficiency. However, it is no secret that this task often comes with risks to the safety of workers and significant costs and challenges in securing adequate equipment in compliance to health and safety laws.

At Hazi Direct NZ, we understand the importance of reducing expenses while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of asbestos removal. That’s why we have developed revolutionary solutions that can help increase efficiency and productivity secure the best quality equipment and tools — the Hazi Direct product range. In this blog post, we will delve into how our innovative products can streamline the asbestos removal process, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and conformity with regulations.

Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity:

  • Respiratory Masks: Use of powered Shigematsu masks for the comfort of the user, the ease of breathing and reduction of fatigue. Allowing workers to continue working at full capacity, without compromising ordinary inhalation over a standard working day.
  • Hazi Safe Bags: Use of haziSAFE bulk bags. Designed to be very user friendly. We offer multiple sizes for different jobs, designed to reduce the amount of double bagging – an industry standard procedure when containing ACM’s. haziSAFE bulk bags have been specially engineered with handle loops to provide ease of handling with movement of asbestos containing weight waste from A to B.
  • Adhesive tapes: Use of decent tape. Our high-quality adhesive tapes have been selected to reduce any re-work required. A strong holding bond to surfaces allows for certainty that sealing work is intact in contrast to options that may come undone, exposing ACM and spending time repeating the taping process.
  • High Quality Liners: Similar to reasons above, the use of well performing polythene for encapsulation. Reduction in tearing and re-work means minimization of exposure to contaminants and again, preventing cost of repeat labour.
  • Disposable Coveralls: Use of well-designed coveralls with strongly embroidered seams and zips that last the duration intended for. Removing concerns around exposure to hazardous waste by selecting quality safety wear to decrease exposure and risk factors.
  • Contact Spray Adhesive: Use of quality adhesive sprays that don’t come unstuck. No re-work required. Our contact spray adhesive is a preferred method of ACM adhesion over options such as concentrates, and epoxys as there is no additional requirement for application equipment such as roller paint tools or spray guns which require disposing after each use.
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With Hazi Direct NZ, asbestos removal becomes a safer, more efficient, and financially sound endeavor. By streamlining the asbestos removal process through choosing the best quality tools, techniques of handling and quality product and material supply, we empower your workforce to work smarter, not harder. Make the smart choice today and join us in revolutionizing the industry.

Your success is our commitment, and your safety is our priority.


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