Safety and efficiency are top of mind at HaziDirect.

 We take time to understand your operation in order to provide you
with the right products for the job.

“Everyone here goes the extra mile to help our clients be their best. It’s the way we’re wired. Protective products might be our business, but it’s really about people and performance, energy and attitude. Every day.”

Our Mission

To be the most reliable, trusted and preferred hazardous waste removal consumables supplier in New Zealand.

Our Vision

To be leaders and innovators in the industry of hazardous waste consumables.

Our Value

We provide high standard of quality in our products paired with people that understand and prompt delivery times.

Our Team

Blake Currie Staff Image

Blake Currie


A lot of you would know Blakes easy going and customer centric attitude. He’s an absolute asset to the team, as he works with customers from a sales point of view. He’s kind of like an all-in-one package always ready to help you with whatever you need. Outside of the office, keeps himself busy with music, friends, and family. Connect on Linkedin

Dexter Hall

Business Development

Dexter is an integral part of our Hazi Direct journey as he’s always focusing on what’s next. As our Business Development arm, he’s passionate about improving our brand, our products, and our people. Dexter is our go-to-guy when it comes to anything Hazi. Connect on Linkedin

Dallas Tautu

Warehouse & Logistics

As our warehouse continues to grow, we welcome Dallas to the team. He has the rather busy job of managing the warehouse and looking after incoming and outgoing stock. He is switched on, loves people, and a challenge, which is just as well as the warehouse is one busy hub with its daily comings and goings. You can find him on the weekends running, playing board games, or relaxing with a good TV series.

Leon Currie

Managing Director

He is one busy man, overseeing all aspects of running the company, looking after the team and ensuring all of our customers are happy. He has plenty of energy and commitment, and when not working he spends his free time on his mountain bike, or with his wonderful family and friends.

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Staff Photo Levi Currie

Levi Currie

National Sales Manager

All of our customers will know this friendly face. Levi is a committed team member with great product knowledge and understanding of what is best suited to your business. Levi likes to get in front our customers to see our products in action, introduce new products on offer and understand projects you are working on so we can ensure we are providing you the best service whilst always looking at improving our product range and offering. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing with his family and friends.

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Clarke Wycherley

Sales Support

Clarke is our dedicated Sales Support Specialist at Hazi Direct. With a passion for customer satisfaction and a keen eye for detail, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring our clients receive exceptional service.
His expertise in assisting customers and streamlining sales processes makes him an invaluable part of our team. Clarke is committed to providing top-notch support to help our customers make the most of their Hazi Direct experience.”