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5 areas Asbestos can enter through Coveralls and how to prevent it from happening

Keeping your team safe when removing hazardous waste is as easy as knowing where the exposure could happen. It doesn’t have to be a question of price or protection, there’s no need to sacrifice safety when you have a supplier who knows what’s important to you and your business.

Here are some of the areas worth considering when choosing disposable coveralls:

  • Cuffs/Wrists

When moving and handling hazardous waste the sleeves of your coveralls can be pulled and loosened. Usually this is remedied by the removalist taping their cuffs to their gloves with PVC tape. Having coveralls with elasticated cuffs makes the taping process easier and keeps the end of the sleeve closed to any friable materials. 


When choosing the coveralls that will best protect your team, you will want to look for elasticated ankle cuffs. If they aren’t elasticated, friable materials can enter through the loose leg of the coveralls. Elasticated cuffs keep most of this out and lessen the dangers to your staff. For extra protection you can also tape the cuffs or wear boot covers

  • HOOD

Even when using a respirator, asbestos can enter through your hood so it should cover the straps and sit flush around the mask. It’s also recommended that your hood fits well, not too big, or small, as this can affect its placement and leave gaps where asbestos can enter. Having a pair of coveralls that are a tad oversized is the best option to ensure coverage of key areas. 

  • ZIP

It’s a no-brainer that hazardous waste can get in through the largest opening in the coveralls, the zip. When choosing coveralls, it’s important to make sure they have high-quality zips to prevent breakage. If the zip isn’t auto-locking, it can release at the top and open you to potential exposure. Because zips aren’t air-tight due to their construction, it helps to choose coveralls with an adhesive zip flap for a secondary level of protection.


Because disposable coveralls are single use, we see a lot of people prioritizing price over safety. This is a misconception that you can’t get quality safety gear at good prices. When you opt for quality coveralls, these will usually have reinforced seams. When not reinforced, they are easy to tear. Having reinforced seams ensures that you can feel safe and secure when moving and removing hazardous waste. 

Our Hazi Protect SMS CAT III Type 5/6 Disposable Coveralls are made to protect with all the features above. Check out our HaziPROTECT range here or contact the team today to learn more about them – 06 777 5800 | hello@hazidirect.co.nz